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Limited to Massive Extra Ordinary Life

Today Gina has skyrocketed to a Bestselling Author, sought after Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach. Gina offers Experiential & Transformational Workshops to individuals and business. She inspires people by teaching effective principles that motivate them to take action in their life in the absence of not having all the answers. She knows all too well that waiting for all the answers stalls or prevents the outcome we long for and want. Gina has mastered the art of uncovering old habits that holds you back, limit your potential and teaches through experiential practices on how to change those habits. Most importantly, Gina offers consistent support to assure you that real, lasting transformation is achieved.

Gina is located high on the mountain top of North East Pennsylvania where her facility “YarCorte Acres” is. Her team of support is unique and amazing, which allows her to collaborate and successfully apply transformational teaching and coaching techniques with horses. This is known today as Equine Assisted Learning. Gina takes her knowledge and experience in Life Coaching, Equine Experiential Education and Psychotherapy to create powerful transformation through workshop, private sessions and retreats. The basis for this work is that horses mirror the emotional and physical behavior of people. Through ground activities and no verbal feedback it is the experiential experience that will effectively communicate, and accomplish transformation.

Gina discovered herself after having a traumatic event in her life that let to horses. It started as a dream. Her transformative relationship with horses taught her to quite her mind, get focused, have clarity which lead to building self esteem and confidence like never before. Learning the value of and importance of personal development, she continues her studies and is always seeking how to better herself as well as her programs through mentors and coaches she has had the honor to work with Jack Canfield Coaching, Mary Morrissey, Steve Harrison, Perry Marshall, John Maxwell, John Assarff and more.
Gina’s true passion is to give back to others and help them in their own growing and healing. Through her energy and teaching you feel more and more alive. You will be more, feel happier, be more productive, go farther faster and with less effort and be calm.

Life’s Journey

She was born in an unwed mothers’ home and adopted as an infant. Fortunately, her adoptive family had an understanding of unconditional love. As she says, “I didn’t have the best start, but then I was given the gift of life with an amazing family. I chose to make that life very difficult for me and for them. But they never gave up on me.”

Gina’s personal choices in life created a lot of unnecessary stress. On the outside, she was hugely successful as an owner of a real estate and property management company. For over 30 years she has worked with individuals and companies guiding them through real estate transactions and investment. She managed many investment properties handling everything necessary as a landlord from rental agreements, rent collection, and property maintenance and more. In addition, Gina has been a Director of the Passaic County Board of Realtors of New Jersey and has worked with the local community in areas of economic and business development.

But for all her outward success, her spiritual and physical health were in jeopardy due to her beliefs which brought on severe stress and anxiety — landing her in the hospital with heart issues at the age of 35. She questioned, was this really what life was all about, this never ending ferris wheel that you never get off of. Working hard and harder and having less and less time.

At the time, she didn’t realize there was a different way, because, of course, she knew best. Gina’s “Ah Ha” moment came through Parelli Natural Horsemanship. She credits Parelli with being a significant part of her life—of seeing how her beliefs (behaviors and attitude) were creating the results she didn’t want and showed her how to change. I’ll be honest, she says. The process involved some painful moments, both physical as well as emotionally. She hated to admit and little did she know but the biggest issues was her pride and ego. While learning with Parelli on the Ocala, Florida Campus, three days into the four-week event her horse expressed that he had had enough. She just wasn’t getting it. Her beautiful teacher, her horse Zeus, gave Gina a good swift kick right above her knee, just missing doing major damage.

“When my horse gave me that kick—there was yet another moment. I kept getting in the way of myself by letting my pride and ego lead me. My horse continued to try to show me that I couldn’t and when realizing I just wasn’t going to get it, he had enough and needed to say it so I’d hear and oh he did. With this came the image of what the people around me must be thinking.”

At first it was heart wrenching but then when I finally let go, gave up, gave in, it was remarkable. God put me right where I need to be and with supportive and a loving family (Parelli Family) to get me through it.

The most significant lesson I’ve learned is to give up control and to be open to the outcome. It is way harder to hold on to that control then if you just let go. Life becomes amazing.

As a result, her personal growth experiences included the power of focus, designing the life she wants and embracing failure. With this developed the real results she truly wanted, happiness and joy — all of which have led to increased success.

Gina deeply believes in the power of Experiential Learning to bring about lasting results because it causes us to look within. Looking outward only brings temporary results of which she knew all too well and was very ready to leave behind her.

Moving Forward

Gina continues to study and explore ways for growth through neurosciences. She realizes the potential for helping others live richer and more fulfilling lives. To this end, she has studied to become a Certified Life Coach by the Life Mastery Institute of Mary Morrissey. She has also pursued certifications as a Practitioner of EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) by the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A); and Certification as an Equine Specialist by EAGALA (The Global Standard for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development). She brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to all that she does and will ignite your passion.

Gina Yarrish creates a superior learning environment where people feel safe and comfortable to reach their full potential.

Charity Paashas

Gina Yarrish has built a place where horses are used to heal people from the inside out.

Barbara Kazmierczak