Personal Development Programs

Gina’s #1 Best seller – “Harness your Purpose, Power and Peace. Discover the Leader Within You” is the basis for the personal development programs offered. Gina takes you into the arena of life, not just to read and write, but experience.

Harness Your Purpose, Power and Peace is a 12-week program. This program is broken out to 4-week segments of experiential learning with horses that requires no riding or experience necessary.

Life is made of patterns and habits. At some stage in our life we realize this isn’t what we want, we want something more. We want to change those habits and it’s not easy. As I mention in the book this life we live ends up living by default. Doing the same thing over and over and nothing changes. I show you through the book and now in action how to create the life you’d love. It all starts in our thinking. I welcome you into the arena of life for a remarkable experience and the start of your journey moving forward.

~ Gina

Harness Your PURPOSE

We spend this valuable time together learning tools and techniques that will release the past, reveal the obstacles (old patterns and habits) and what to do to overcome them plus as a bonus you will learn how to lean into life for the feeling of freedom and happiness and start design life instead of living by default. The horses offer you that mirror that will change your life. It is fun, interactive and enlightening!

4 Week Experiential Session

Harness Your POWER

Together you will learn you cannot get to where you want to be or do without first thinking it. This requires thinking skills, clear communication, listening skills and boundaries. Life will not change unless you change. Stop waiting for others to make the shift first. How many years are you waiting for the results to be different? There isn’t anything we can’t do. Everything you need is within you and you will tap into that power here. This time will be powerful and transformational.

4 Week Experiential Sessions

Harness Your PEACE

We spend this valuable time together learning tools that will focus forward, speak the truth and give you techniques to quiet the mind and create peace, happiness and joy. This change will transform your life, what you have and where you’re going. Plus, the journey is remarkable. Come and enjoy.

4 Week Experiential Sessions


Make the commitment to you. You are what is most valuable. How long have you been waiting for this, something to help you get out of those old patterns? 5 years, 10? Some have said their whole life. Everything you need and long for is within you and reachable. Come and enjoy the journey, you won’t regret it!


Thursday Sessions (Each Month Rotates)
Morning Session 9:00 am to 10:30 am or Evening 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

12 Week Experiential Workshop

Investment: $997 per person

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Focused Development with Natural Horsemanship

Interactive ground games with horses that will draw the leadership out from within you so you can shine and accelerate to new heights. An 8-Week session that will develop better communication skills, learn to be assertive but calm, gain confidence in stepping out and overall will build your self- esteem. These are just a few of amazing things that begin to happen.

Each session 60-90 Minutes.

Program is offered: Tuesday – Thursday

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Investment: $497 per person

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September- Online Program – Fall Transformational Retreat