Professional Leadership Programs

Our unique Professional Leadership Program will deliver the skills top employers value. You will increase communication, problem solving and team building through equine experiential activities. Equine Assisted Learning is the new method of Professional Development.

Benefits of This Program

  • Enhance emotional intelligence to strengthen communication skills
  • Understand self and others behavioral patterns and communication styles
  • Build better relationships
  • Benefits of collaboration, why and with who or what
  • Tools & Technique to keep you moving forward
  • Value of growing mind verses closed Mind
  • Reduce self stress with Focus Forward Technique
  • Safe Zone to growing

You will be amazed by what you learn from this communication exercise.

Are you ready for astonishing results in sales? Harness your potential!

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7 Steps to Harnessing Your Potential
and Out Perform your Competitor

If you’re making one or two sales a month, you’re wasting your time and money. Don’t be like 99% of all the other agents in America by working harder 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your experience as a sales agent in real estate, banking, wealth management, life, health or auto can radically change for the better in only three days. This happens simply by learning new techniques and tools that cannot be found anywhere else. I invite you to explore my website, ask questions or call me, but rest assured this workshop is powerful and sustainable and will give you results you want.

If you’re a seasoned agent or just starting out… This workshop will increase clients, production, volume and income. Learn to stop being busy and start being productive through intention, communication, and solution focus.

What makes this so powerful?

Experiential Learning. It’s not what I can teach you but what you will learn from the experience that will change you, motivate you to reach limits you never thought possible.

How? Through interactive activities on the ground with horses that will shine awareness on you and the pattern and habits that have gotten you to where you are. You will gain insight on self-understanding and learn the difference in ones mindset (closed vs. growing). This will open the pathway to new perspectives and challenge your status quo to find new paths to better solutions.

How long have you waited for this? 5 years? 10 years? Stop waiting and act. The best investment you will ever make and get the highest rate of return (ROI) in is in you.

Join Us and Get:

  • Intention with Results
  • Productions verses Busy
  • Inspirations and Motivation
  • Strategy for Team Building

And most important of all…

Build Self-Esteem, Character and Confidence that Increases overall your Volume and Income!

Level One – Premium Workshop

Accelerate your Dream Career. One Day Power Sales Workshop.

Z Powerful tool in “ASKING”
Z Advance Learning in Focus Forward Technique
Z Develop Emotional Intelligence that increases Self Esteem and Confidence
Z Knowledge in Leverage Learning for Sustainable Results
Z Tools that guide you in working smarter, not harder.
Z Reveals the #1 Thing that holds you back
Z Shines awareness on unlimited possibilities

Also Included: Fresh and inviting Welcome Breakfast and A healthy catered luncheon with time for networking.


Z Personal journal for creative ideas, actions steps and notes.
Z Autographed copy of Gina’s new #1 Best Seller “Harness Your Purpose, Power, and Peace…”

Investment: $497 per person

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Level Two – Team or Company

Three Day Premium Sales Workshop

Z Everything in Level One
Z Advanced three day Team Development from Forming/Storming/Performing
Z Identify Team Strengthens


Z Complimentary interactive presentation
Z Personal journal for creative ideas, actions steps and notes.
Z Autographed copy of Gina’s new #1 Best Seller “Harness Your Purpose, Power, and Peace…”


Z One on One Exclusive 30 Minute Coaching with Gina ($299. value!)

Investment: $997 per person (4 person minimum)

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Level Three – Private

Private 12-week Professional Development Program

Investment: $1,697 per person

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