Speaking Engagements

Elevation from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

I hear this day in and day out… “I have stress, I worry to much, I talk myself out of things, I have no time”…

This is a huge problem today in society. All of this accumulates to form frustration and debilitating anxiety in your heart and minds. It gets worse; you end up feeling powerless to change your current direction. Personal development workshops are readily out there and available but those methods don’t work for everyone.

What if there was a unique workshop that unites people in need through experiential learning and equine experiences to offer a completely new mode of transformation? There is!

My unique interactive speaking engagements will ignite energy in you that you’ve never felt before. You will leave feeling empowered and inspired to take “MASSIVE ACTION”.

Utilizing techniques Gina has created to bring powerful and sustainable results she offers 60-90 minutes interactive engagements that will knock your socks off.

Gina has a passion and energy that ignites you but is also so contagious that you want more. You know this is what you need. It is not a lecture. This is Realty Learning. It’s not what she will teach you but what you will experience that will be life altering.

She knows all too well that changing the past is impossible – changing the future has limitless possibilities!

Gina offers Keynotes & Workshops in her arena and your location. Her clients include Conferences, Professional Businesses and Organizations, Women’s Development, Leadership Conference, and Retreats.

Gina Yarrish is a certified practitioner of Equine Experiential Education Association and Life Coach.

Speaking Engagement Topics

Harness Your Potential – Vision Workshop

3 Keys to Accelerating Your Results

Stop reinventing the wheel! If you want to harness your potential, you have to look inward. Gina will share what holds you back and will give you tools to get you moving forward with acceleration and inspiration. You will experience firsthand her passion and energy that will ignite you and get you out reaching limited you never thought possible. If you want to achieve greater results in life, business or your organization with less effort or increase relationship production and income, then this is for you. This is an interactive, experiential event for creating life, results, or success.

Creating Success – Go Faster Further with Less Effort

#1 Thing you Must Do!

Your decisions have weight and to create that success Gina will reveal the #1 think you must do to get the highest rate of return and make your highest income. She will show you first hand why this is most important and the only thing you should be doing. She will also show you technique and tools necessary to create high level of success in your career, increase relationships, production and freedom to enjoy life!