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Chapter 1 of Gina’s # 1 Best Seller.

Harness your Purpose, Power and Peace
Discover the Leader Within You

A must read for people wanting to move forward in life. I could not put the book down. Would recommend to anyone looking to create the life they would love. – Jill W.

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As a sought after Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Equine Facilitator, Gina Yarrish offers Transformational Workshops to individuals, couples, youth, and businesses. She inspires people by teaching effective principles that motivate them to take action in their life in the absence of not having all the answers.

Gina knows all too well that waiting for all the answers stalls or prevents the outcome we want. She works with clients to uncover old habits that hold them back and teaches through experiential practices how to change those habits. Most importantly, Gina offers consistent support to ensure that real, lasting transformation is achieved.

Events / Workshops

Employing Life Coaching and Equine Assisted Learning principles, Gina and her team bring 30 years of experience in helping people emotionally and physically to move through and beyond boundaries and unseen issues that inhibit personal growth. Changing the past is impossible – changing the future has limitless possibilities. Everything Gina and her team offers is about forward momentum, focus and support to bring the results you want.

The power in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is the awakening that takes place when participating in ground activities that reflect everyday situations. The language of the horse is universal and the intuitive nature of communication opens new understanding and clarity for your future. This alignment is a power-tool in the life process of development.

Why Horses?

Speaking Engagements

Elevation from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

I hear this day in and day out… “I have stress, I worry too much, I talk myself out of things, and I have no time”…

This is a huge problem today in society. All of this accumulates to form frustration and debilitating anxiety in your heart and minds. It gets worse; you end up feeling powerless to change your current direction. Personal development workshops are readily out there and available but those methods don’t work for everyone.

What if there was a unique workshop that unites people in need through experiential learning and equine experiences to offer a completely new mode of transformation? There is!

My unique interactive speaking engagements will ignite energy in you that you’ve never felt before. You will leave feeling empowered and inspired to take “MASSIVE ACTION”.

Utilizing a Focus Forward Technique and transformational life coaching, Gina bring 30 years of experience in helping people move through and beyond boundaries, and unseen issues that inhibit personal growth. Gina’s speaking engagements and workshops are designed around her book “Harness your Purpose, Power and Peace. Discover the Leader Within You”.

Our Facility

At YarCorte Acres, a team of eight equine partners/co-facilitators, all of whom Gina trained using Natural Horsemanship principles of horse and human behavior, are ready to assist. The ranch provides a safe, enjoyable, productive environment that inspires and encourages a great relationship between human and horse. It is a well equipped, year-round facility with a large heated indoor arena, two heated classrooms, 8 stall barn, outside arena, and playground, on over 150 acres. In addition, it is state approved handicap accessible.